Help us build a dining hall and kitchen

The Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have had a huge impact on all of us.

HaKiTa also had a few very quiet years in which we weren’t able to do much to support Rockland School and the many children that are educated an housed here.

Now we want to try and help the school again, because help is needed desperately.

For the school to keep it’s registration a dining hall and new kitchen are required. We are looking for funds to help realise this. The foundation for the new kitchen is already there, so to help build the structure and buy appliances 5000 euro is needed.

Space has been created for a dining hall, but the school still needs tables, chairs, cutlery and tableware. To buy all of this 1750 euro needs to be collected.

You can help by making a donation or by spreading the word. We are looking for sponsors that can help us collect the required funds.