On this page you can read stories and testimonials of people who have visited the Rockland School project.

Marlies Steert – Leeuwaarden, The Netherlands -2019

A school with a beautiful motto, very special to me as a teacher!
A family with a heart of gold, very special to me as a person!
Twice have I visited this project, here I feel at home.
Therefore it will not be the last time for me to visit this special place!
You can follow my adventures here:

Kind regards, Marlies

Lynn Van Mulders – The Netherlands – 2019

My experience in Tanzania is difficult to put into words. I have kept a journal, but still it is difficult to discribe feelings. I have lived with the Mazulla family for a month. Charles, Anna, Paskazia, Wade and Joel are all such friendly and warm people who instantly make you feel at home. As often in Tanzania, this family doesn’t live alone. Caro, Patricia and Mary live with them. Caro and Patricia also attend Rockland School. Charles, the head of the family and the head of the school is trying to make education available to as many children as possible. This isn’t always easy. A lot of families are having troubles to pay for school fees and to put their children into school. Public school are cheaper, but here children don’t learn English and classes are very big. Charles is encouraging Children to learn English and dream of a good future. At Rockland School the teachers and students talk English during school hours, except during Swahili lessons. This is why the students are getting fluent in English. They are very motivated and are starting to learn the English alphabet as young as 2,5 years old. They are starting this early, because a lot of them leave school at young age. Every friday is a day for sports and the mood is very relaxed. Charles is constantly working on improving the school and the whole family is helping to do so. The goal is to give education to as much children as possible, as cheap as possible. This is hard and not every child can be helped, which is hard sometimes.
After school some 20 students go to boarding school. This is a small building next to the school for children who live very far or whose situation at home is not good. They eat and sleep, and basically live here. They always have the company of teachers who provide in their needs. I have enormous respect for these children. They take care of eachother and are so responsible and friendly! They are a true family. They wash their own clothes, get their own water to wash themselves, make homework,… There are so many more children who need the same help and are equally wonderful. This is hard to realize, but it is the reality. I find it wonderful what Charles is doing to help. He does what he can! I have so many beautiful, unforgettable memories, so I could keep writing… But I will leave it at this and hope I have been able to transfer my feelings and experiences to whoever is reading this.
Kind regards, Lynn