Why is this non profit organisation so important?

Good education is the foundation for a good future. This is what the staff of the Rockland School Project are working on. Despite the big progress that already has been made, there is still need for improvement. The school has its official registration, but this means there are certain obligations. There is need for grounds for sports, a dining hall, a teachers lounge, a first aid room and a lot more. All these things need to be build in the following years for the school to keep it’s registration. Because the government doesn’t give grants for private English schools, there is a big need for extra support. A private English school like Rockland is very important, because children learn English from a very young age. This is important for their further education, to find a good job and to build a stable future.

What we aim to do is support the vulnarable youth of Tanzania by doing fundraises. The money we raise is used to give financial support to the non profit organisation in Tanzania we are working with, ‘Tanzania Love Children’. They use this money to adopt children and give them a home in one of the houses and to pay for school fees of the poorest children. This also gives extra income to the school, which helps further development. We also try to help by finding sponsors who want to give a monthly contribution and sponsor a child. This contribution will be spent on clothing, food, school fees and spare time activities.

For the future we dream of going even further en help more schools in Tanzania grow and provide more homes for children in need. We hope that together with our sponsors we will be able to achieve all of this. Education and housing are most important to build a future for these children and the generations to come.

So far the story of why HaKiTa came to life. Hopefully this story inspires people to support us and follow the growth of the project. If this is the case, you can always contact us and together we can see what we can do to help.

Asanté sana!